11: Baskets that Change Lives with Alicia Wallace (All Across Africa)

“She’s ruining everything.” Those were the words that met Alicia Wallace as she worked to develop dignified jobs in rural Rwanda.


I can’t even imagine the sting of those words after Alicia diligently worked to embed herself into the Rwandan cultural and grow All Across Africa. But change isn’t always easy. Neither is patience.


Yet Alicia persevered. She focused on the long term. Slowly, the results spoke for themselves. And Alicia learned a lifelong lesson of leading from below.


Her patience and leadership paid off. Today All Across Africa employs over 3,000 basket weavers across Africa. These baskets have empowered countless women to utilize savings accounts, purchase homes and send their children to school. This impact is rippling through the entire community, touching thousands.


Listen in to her story, seeing what steps she took to go from “ruining everything” to being one of the honored members of the community.





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Memorable Moments

  • “Job creation can actually solve education and reconciliation problems that we were fundraising to solve.”
  • “If you have a goal and a focus, and you’re working toward that goal and that focus, it can be fruitful for the long term of making an impact.”


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