11.5 Stories from the Field: Rwandan Basket Weavers from All Across Africa

“When you see the improvement of family on the community level, tell you about their experience and where they come from. That cheers you up. You can’t complain about your daily nonsense or stress. It gives you joy when you see what people accomplish.”


That’s Bernard’s description of his work with All Across Africa. Pretty darn compelling.


This week stories from the field went international as we connected with three incredible individuals working with All Across Africa. Bernard graciously translates as Vestine and Estude, two of the talented artisans behind the stunning baskets, describe the community aspect of basket weaving.


Their stories emphasize the incredible impact that All Across Africa makes every day.


“When you buy something from her, it’s not just something from her. It’s something that comes from a country. It represents our culture. And also improve a lot of lives around here. It also empowers the women.“


Hear their stories:


A screen shot of our incredible guests. Left to right: Estude, Vestine and Bernard.

11.5 photo
Check out the incredible styles of the baskets! (Photo from All Across Africa’s Instagram)