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There’s no denying that books hold the most fascinating and captivating information. There’s been more than one evening with me awake at the wee hours glued to a book. To be honest, my husband has a slight ban on fictions books while we vacation. Apparently I need to actually go enjoy the places we travel to. Go figure.
Those aren’t always the books that change your life. Sure magical places in far off lands with sorcery delight your imagination. Who doesn’t love a good Quidditch match?
While enchanting, those aren’t the books that change your life. Unless of course you are J.K Rowling. Then those books change your life.
For the rest of us, a different genre of book is more likely to change your life. Yes, I’m talking about nonfiction books. The ones that typically have stale covers and don’t inspire late night readings.
But those boring covers and magical devoid story lines are actually the most powerful ones.
Now we interview a variety of movers and shakers on the show. Some are championing their efforts through their own social enterprise. Others are creating positive change through their role within a company (intrapreneur). While all of the books they recommend are incredible, some create a bigger impact depending on what path you’re on.
To help, we’ve divvied up the recommends into two categories. Below we have the MOST recommended books from our guests.

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3 Most Recommended Books By Guests


When you start to have enough successful individuals tell you the same thing, you listen up. So far I have had multiple, yes MULTIPLE, successful social entrepreneurs recommend the same books.
Which means it’s time for me to revamp my reading list this year. Here are the most recommended books for you to do the same.


Start With Why

startwithwhyIf you haven’t heard of Simon Sinek’s popular TED Talk or related book, then I don’t know where you’ve been hanging out. If nothing else, you NEED to listen to his TED Talk.
Simon Sinek’s resources help you re-evaluate your work, and let’s be honest, you life. It’s a journey of refocusing your efforts based around determining a why specific to you and what you want to focus your life on. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, current leader or working towards more meaningful work, this is a must have resource.
Get the book here.



The E Myth

Particularly for entrepreneurs, Michael E. Gerber’s book helps your dispel common myths that limit your ability to create a successful enterprise. My guests rave about this book’s ability to help you create systems in your business. Narrowing in on the difference between working in your business and working on your business, this book is a must read to substantial business growth.
Get the book here.


The Lean Startup

Eric Ries’s book is going to make you rethink the way you approach business. It’s designed for businesses in an uncertain world. And well… it’s a complicate and very uncertain world out there. Bottom like, Eric Ries teaches an efficient and intellectual way at approaching creating a business.
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