Top 8 Episodes


The numbers don’t lie! While we know each of our episodes covers an inspiring mover and shaker, these are our fan favorites based on fan listens.


*Quick note, our episodes run in two parts. The main episode connects with an inspiring changemaker to cover the efforts that they are currently championing in the world. These episodes are whole numbers like 8 and 12.


As a follow up, we dive into the direct impact that their efforts are create. These “Stories from the Field” episodes are our mini episodes. They have ½ numbers like 8.5 and 12.5.


Without further ado, here are our top episodes as of January 10th, 2016:



#8: Stories from the Field: Why We Need to Empower Girls in STEM


Episode 10.5 is a follow up episode to #7 in our list. Here we connect with 14-year old Gigi to hear why she thinks it’s important to engage more girls in science and math. Don’t let her age fool you. This little girl is incredibly bright, articulate and rocked her interview. If I had been half as clever as her in middle school, I can only imagine the places I would have gone! Watch out world. Gigi is on the rise and she is going to do great things.


Listen here.


#7: Teaching Girls To Code Through Fashion with Makeda Ricketts (Pink Think)


Episode 10 covers a revolutionary new wearable bracelet designed to teach girls to code. Cool right! I thought the same thing when I learned about Makeda’s startup company Pink Think. She is brilliantly working to engage more women in STEM by addressing the issue at the core – Middle School. More girls loose interest in science and math in Jr. High than any other point. This innovative bracelet is going to break that cycle. It’s integrating things girls care about while opening up endless possibilities through tech.


Listen here.


#6 Compassion is the Key to Solving the World’s Problems with Sara Schairer (Compassion It)


Episode 7 with Sara may is probably one of the simplest yet profound concepts we touch on in the podcast. Bottom line, her whole company strives to teach people to intentionally build compassionate acts into their daily lives. That’s it. Be compassionate. Which, like most profound concepts, takes a little more effort and intentionality than we give it credit. Sara shows you how something as simple as a bracelet can be a daily reminder to be better humans. And no, it doesn’t have any tech or coding like Makeda’s. The impact isn’t any less substantial though.

Listen here.


#5 Business Boutique with Christy Wright (Dave Ramsey Personality)


Episode 8 ramps up the energy levels. Seriously! Be warned when listening. Christy is both charismatic and on fire in this episode! Some of that may have to do with our interview happening mid event in Nashville. Although I’m convinced she is like that pretty much all the time. Here we dive fast into the world of business, particularly women in business. She gives you incredible and tangible lessons to move your business forward.


Listen here.


#4 Stories from the Field: Compassion in Inner City of Chicago with Burrell Poe

The follow up to #6 on this list, episode 7.5 connects with Burrell to showcase the power of compassion in Chicago inner city schools. This episode is real. Burrell touches on the struggles that Chicago is facing. It’s not pretty. While there are incredible people in the city, there have been decades of turmoil and harmful policies. Despite all of that, Burrell’s work with students is creating real change.


Listen here.


#3 Stories from the Field: How Business Boutique Moved Business Forward


Following Christy Wright’s episode I connected with three extraordinary women who attended Business Boutique for episode 8.5. These women were able to take the lessons from the event, pivot in their business and start to gain serious traction.


Listen here.


#2 Sustainability with Jonathan Zaidman (1 to 1 Movement)


Episode 9 takes a completely counter approach to standard view points with sustainability. Typically when we connect with environmentalists and other advocates, they focus on the big picture. Not saying that’s a bad thing, but there is literally NOTHING I can do about the current garbage patch in the ocean or the melting ice caps. I love polar bears and all, but what am I supposed to do? Which is where Jonathan’s approach is not only genius, it’s also helps everyday individuals create more sustainable friendly habits. You’ll be surprised when you hear how simple it is.

Listen here.




#1 Stories from the Field – Sustainability in the Classroom with Monica Rosquillas (1 to 1 Movement)

Pretty sure that my listeners LOVED Jonathan’s take on sustainability since my all time highest downloaded episode is 9.5. That’s the follow up episode where Monica, 1 to 1 Movement’s former Education Director, shares her efforts in the classroom teaching kids this revolutionary approach to sustainability. Yes. The approach is so simple that 1 to 1 actually focuses most of their efforts on students. Oddly enough, students are more receptive to simple approaches. As we get older, we’re not always as eager to accept simple solutions. Go figure.


If you’re open to really clever yet insanely simple approaches to meaningful sustainability, then this is the episode for you. And it is the #1 most downloaded episode on the Positive Impact Podcast.


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