Best Resources on Starting a Mastermind

There’s no doubt about it, starting an engaging mastermind can help set your business on a new trajectory. Because of the enormous power these groups hold, mastermind has become a bit of a buzz word in the entrepreneurial community. While these groups can be incredibly beneficially, when not done right they can be a big fat waste of time.
I have been on both sides of the coin.
To help, here are the best resources out there on how to make sure yours is a hit, and not a big time wasting flop.

Pat Flynn Blog Post: Mastermind Groups and Mentors: Why You Need Them and How to Find Them

Read the blog post here.
I’m a huge Pat Flynn fan, as well as a dedicated podcast listener. In this blog post he outlines a few key points to consider when putting the group together. He also highlights the importance of mentors in the second part of the post.
In finding the members, he touches on making sure that everyone can find value. When I saw him at Social Media Marketing World in 2015 in the Mastermind breakout, he really emphasized the need to make sure people are in a similar level in their business. If you put the business journey on a scale of 1 to 10, you want to connect with people only one degree above or below the main level of the group. The reason is that if you pair a 1 with a 10, the individual just staring out (1) will not be able to provide experience and insight to help the person farther on their journey (10).
Make sure to download his structure PDF, because like most things Pat does, it’s brilliant, simple and effective.
If you are looking for more information about mentors, check out my article on, How to Create & Maximize a Mentor Relationship.

Pat Flynn Video Blog: How to Build a Winning Mastermind Group (Webinar Replay)

Watch here.
Did I mention I’m a HUGE Pat Flynn fan? Whelp… I am. Even to the point I made a HUGE fool of myself meeting him at SMMW. That’s a story for another time. In this webinar, he outlines the points he made at his SMMW presentation on creating a powerful mastermind.
While I haven’t watched this video, I saw him at SMMW15 and he nailed it.

Dan Miller Blog Post: Make your mastermind rock

Read here.
Another incredible influencer that I follow is Dan Miller. I also had the honor of meeting him at SMMW 15 (luckily I didn’t make a fool of myself…).
In this post Dan Miller outlines different conversation points to spur dialogue in a mastermind group. I gather that his format for a group varies from Pat Flynn, but I imagine it is every bit as effective. I personally prefer a little more structure, but these are great aspects you can build into a structure.

Michael Hyatt: How to Launch a Successful Mastermind Group

Read here.

What I really enjoy about Michael’s post is the emphasis on being intentional about who you bring to the table. There is a lot of value in having diversity and variety in platforms. One seminar I saw on coaching and mentoring pointed out that a vocalist proved to be one of the most impacting coaches because she gave the group a unique skill set on presentation. It’s likely that no one realized the power she would bring to the group.
Michael caveats that with aligning goals. A brick and mortar bakery will have a hard time finding cross over with an affiliate marketer. You want to make sure that your goals align and you can each gain strength and learning from each others lessons.

Do you currently have a mastermind? What are your tips for starting one? If you are currently looking for one, what do you hope to gain from the experience?