6 Types of Mentors You need in Your Life

“Mentor” is a hot topic with entrepreneurs these days. So many young business professionals are clambering over themselves trying to secure the coveted role. But to what avail? Most protégés can’t actually describe why they want one.


Don’t get me wrong; I know that mentors are an essential piece to business growth.


They give perspective, teach, encourage or deepen learning when you fail. But without a focused role, they can become inconsequential. You need to identify areas needing support, establishing a mentor who can complement that specific need.


To help identify what you need today, I’ve outlined 6 different types of mentors. See which aligns best with what could spur growth in your business.



Confidence Booster


A little short on the ego department. You know you’ve got talent, but can you really go into business for yourself? You’re unsure if you have the capability to survive running a business.  While you have passion, you’re timid when it comes to business.



The “you can do it” guy. Que cheesy Hawaiian shirt and accent. The role of the “Confidence Booster” mentor may seem odd. They are here to encourage you to fail faster. This will come in an endless supply of encouragement. After meeting with them, you’ll feel like you like you can climb Everest without oxygen.


While you shouldn’t embark on Everest pre se {especially without oxygen}, you should blaze a brilliant trail into the entrepreneur world. Don’t be afraid of failure, it’s what defines our successes. And this mentor will give you the courage to go out and try and try and try and try, until ultimately you succeed.

Entrepreneurs with this type of mentor will grow their business faster.





Work ethic is your backbone. Once a roadmap is established, you can build it. Systems and automation are your specialty. But the vision is a little fuzzy.



Insert the idea generating, fired up and passionate “Storyteller.” They are here to ignite that spark in your business. This is a great person to bounce ideas off of, or even just present a possible product. They help with direction. If they are a true idea maker, you will not be in short supply after meeting.


When the ideas aren’t flowing freely, they fill time with countless stories of entrepreneurs before you. As the systems person, you dissect the platform and take the treasures to apply to your future systems.


Devil’s Advocate


Thinking things through isn’t your strength. You’re more of the ready fire aim personality. You suffer from the typical entrepreneur strategy that, “If I have this particular problem, everyone must.” While it can lead to fantastic product ideas, it’s not always the soundest business model.


Enter a realist. This mentor will help vet your ideas, running them through the proper screening.


They will challenge you to think things through thoroughly. No fluff or “it will just work” is going to cut it. For any idea to pass the bullshit test, it’s going to need to be very thought out. Bad ideas will be disregarded casualties along the way.


In the end, this type of scrutiny will save you thousands of dollars and countless hours. The ideas you pursue will be stronger, resulting in greater success long term.





You know exactly where you want to go, but have no idea how to get there. You might have a general notion. But as a whole, a roadmap would be great.



Been there, done that, would’ve done x, y and z differently. Typically this is a mentor in your same industry that exhibits the success you want to achieve. They’ve conqueror countless obstacles and can share the story behind their path to greatness.


This type of mentor will be very valuable for sidestepping unnecessary roadblocks.  By learning from their mistakes, you can speed up business growth.





The business plan is solid. Roadmap, systems and passions are all there. You just need to get connected to the right people.



They must have taken networking as a part time job. Finding someone they don’t know might be more likely, at least in your industry.


A mentor here will be happy to introduce you to people who can help you further your aspirations. It will take a developed relationship before you can entice someone to open up their network. By introducing you to their network, they have their name attached to you.


Entrepreneurs levering someone else’s network will need to be flawless on the follow up. If you don’t reach out to their connections, striving to create mutually beneficial relationships, your mentor may be inclined to cut off the funnel.


The Reality Check


You’ve got the ego department covered, and then some. You think you’re ideas are bullet proof and the business model flawless. A little inflated view of yourself perhaps? Maybe just unrealistic about what is really going on.



They are the harsh reality check that no one else has the guts to give. They’ll call you out when you’ve skipped a step, didn’t do your due diligence or overlooked a glaring hic up.


Entrepreneurs with this type of mentor will have to be brutally honest about their strengths and shortcomings. Ultimately it will lead to better self-awareness and stronger systems in place.


Depending on the presentation of the mentor, this may or may not be the smoothest journey. But the journey for a rock to become a diamond didn’t look that fun either.




Don’t acquire a mentor just because it is the newest shiny phrase to be thrown out amongst your peers. Have a mentor fill a dedicated and needed role in guiding your business to future success.