Snacks With a Triple Bottom Line

I love talking about food. It probably stems from coming from a family utterly obsessed with food.
Do you want to know what is better than talking about food?
Talking about food with a social cause. Lucky for me, I interview three incredible food social entrepreneurs during Journey to Social Entrepreneurship.
Even Delahanty, founder of Peaceful Fruits, is at the grassroots level working to get his “fruit leather” out into the market. While this may look like an ordinary fruit snack, it’s actually packed full of lots of good karma and super foods. Peaceful Fruits invests in the higher quality acai supplies from naturally grown supplies in the Amazon. Not only does this supply better nutrients to you, it gives opportunities to individuals who want to stay in rural Suriname.
To say his interview is entertaining would be a bit of an understatement.
We cover all the basics of his company and how service plays a crucial role. There’s valuable content even if it is just to shift the paradigm of when in your career path you can apply for the Peace Corps. That’s not what makes it so entertaining.
Did you ever meet someone that you sat there and went, “Wow. How are they that clever and quick with the retorts?”
That is me while I interview Evan.
From the conversations around hammocks to the comparison of a start up being a “girlfriend,” this episode will have you laughing.


Type of Service

  • Peace Corps in Suriname (on the coast of South America just northeast of Brazil).

Key Takeaways

  • Service can come after a traditional career;
  • The value comparison of a Master’s Degree against a Peace Corps term;
  • For Evan, launching a sustainable food company is more challenging but more rewarding than his initial career path.

My Favorite Parts

  • Opening with Evan eating snacks (and later getting my own snacks in the mail!);
  • Hearing about motorized kayaks;
  • The dating world blending with our conference again;
  • Learning that Evan’s previous snack company name (after a blue poisonous dart frog) was vetoed – well done friends!*
*Evan, you have many talents. Apparently naming a company is not one.
To dig into the specifics of Peaceful Fruits’ triple bottom line, check out my episode of the Positive Impact Podcast with Evan.


What were your takeaways from this interview? Let us know in the comments.
This interview was apart of a comprehensive Journey to Social Entrepreneurship event. We are releasing the recordings FREE to aspiring social entrepreneurs. Unlock the other recordings here.