Role of Storytelling in Social Enterprise

If you are a podcast fan, then buckle up! We have two podcasters in the house for this session of Journey to Social Entrepreneurship! Apparently service plays into the history of more than just social enterprises.
Josh Schukman, founder and host of Social Change Nation, has a skill at storytelling. I’m guessing that also plays a role in his decision to podcast. Luckily for you, that also means a compelling and tactical presentation.
If you couldn’t tell by the name of the event, we focus on the journey of service and the different socially minded paths it leads participants. With any good journey, there is a beginning, a middle and an end. Well, in this care there is a future. Josh describes his humble beginnings in his favorite city as well as bringing you through to present day and what’s on the horizon.
As Josh tells his story of service as a foundation for entrepreneurship, he makes sure to call out key points to reflect on.
You’ll love his way of crafting a story, particularly the ones of the hostel he brings out.



Type of Service

  • City Year

Key Takeaways

  • Hearing about different service opportunities here domestically (many guests were international);
  • Defining leadership roles coming out of service;
  • Tactical tips on how to transfer skills from service to a future career.

My Favorite Parts

  • Learning later why Josh suddenly looks a little worried and distracted (Turns out it isn’t me! There is a stranger walking outside his office. Josh investigates after the interview and learns that is the new janitor);
  • My mild obsession with Dave Ramsey finding cause to surface;
  • Hearing stories of interesting individuals who stay at the hostel.


What were your takeaways from this interview? Let us know in the comments.
This interview was apart of a comprehensive Journey to Social Entrepreneurship event. We are releasing the recordings FREE to aspiring social entrepreneurs. Unlock the other recordings here.