Market Driven Volunteer Matching

We have a big challenge in the educational system today. While graduates are emerging to the market with degrees, many lack practical experience that companies demand for entry level positions. For students who spent the last four years “preparing themselves” for these careers, it’s a little disheartening.
Additionally, there is a second challenge for college graduates who want to pursue careers with nonprofits. Paying student loans while pursing typically smaller salaries at nonprofits creates logistical challenges, and can potentially lead to distaste.
One innovative founder has a unique model that helps leverage opportunities for recent graduates to volunteer at nonprofits as a way to pay down student loans. Grads gain experience. Nonprofits have skilled help. Loans get paid.
Listen in to see exactly how this all works out:

Type of Service

  • AmeriCorps

Key Takeaways

  • The life and job related skills you can learn while volunteering.
  • Identifying the reason we are seeing a drastic reduction in volunteering (hint – a lot has to do with student debt).

My Favorite Part

  • Honestly the innovation and blending of different models. Volunteering + crowdfunding + internships + nonprofits.

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