Connecting Travelers to Authentic Travel Experiences Abroad

If you are planning on traveling the world anytime soon, then you need to check out Keteka. This innovative platform connects travelers with authentic local experiences. What’s even more fascinating is the network. Through leveraging Peace Corp’s extensive network of both active and former members, Keteka is able to launch new experiences in different regions fairly quickly.


Co-founder Kyle Wiggins is one of the many examples from the Journey to Social Entrepreneurship event that identified his social enterprise directly from challenges he saw in her service. As a Peace Corps volunteer in Colón, Panamá he saw groups working to launch incredible authentic travel experiences for tourists.


But as a small group in remote Panama, their ability to break through the other noise in the travel industry and attract visitors was incredibly challenging.


His solution, in many ways similar in functionality to AirBnB, connects travelers looking for something different with the unique and vetted opportunities in places that would otherwise be challenging to know about. And as you will see in the interview, the types of experiences they have lined up are exactly what you as the adventurous traveler want to be aligned with!


Type of Service

  • Community and Economic Development Peace Corps Volunteer in Colón, Panamá.


Key Takeaways

  • Service directly spurred the idea for Keteka;
  • Sometimes you need to move forward and ask permission later;
  • Leverage partnerships and networks over recreating the wheel.


My Favorite Parts

  • As a foodie, my mouth was watering as he described the food tours;
  • Envisioning myself going down the Amazon river (although I don’t know if I trust myself to shoot darts…)
  • My epic question on, “Where would you be today if you hadn’t served in Peace Corps.” Thanks for making me look awesome Kyle.  🙂


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This interview was apart of a comprehensive Journey to Social Entrepreneurship event. We are releasing the recordings FREE to aspiring social entrepreneurs. Unlock the other recordings here.