HELLO FRESH: Healthy Groceries and Meals Delivered to Your Door

Especially on busy weeks, Hello Fresh is a blessing!


With two full time jobs and launching a movement on the side, sometimes coming up with a healthy meal plan and grocery shopping gets pushed to the side. But our health is our most important asset!


To help keep healthy home cooked meals on the table, we often turn to Hello Fresh to bridge the gap!


Hello.Fresh.7They create delicious menu plans, pre-measure all the ingredients and ship fresh groceries straight to our door. We haven’t eaten this good in a long time! While the food was beyond scrumptious (man their meals are great), the best part was how excite we are to cook together. We come home a little early on Wednesdays to see what they have in story for the week. Yes, you can pick out your meals- we just forget to… it makes it a surprise! Then all the technology slips to the side as we spend quality time in the kitchen together.


The weeks without Hello Fresh seem a little more stressful and the meals a little bland. Hello Fresh is a great way to spice up your meals, eat healthy and get to enjoy dinner again.


To save on your first box- you discount code: 2426QM

Here are some photos from our kitchen table.