Business Boutique Success Stories

There is a large movement happening in the business world right now. Innovative and dedicated women are starting to shape the way we view business. From turning the term “starving artist” obsolete to taking on the decorating industry head on to shaping up in fitness, skilled women are bringing their passions alive in the world of business. And they are making, in some cases, substantial profits too.
What’s truly empowering about this shift in business is they way women are starting to alter the way business works, for the better. Many of these businesses offer part time or stay at home options. Others have flexible schedules. By turning passion into profits, women are creating fulfilling and rewarding opportunities.
One of the incredible women helping to spearhead this movement is Christy Wright.
She is bringing women across the nation together to talk about business, sales, marketing and more through her event series Business Boutique. This powerful event dives into the heart of business and how to channel your passion to create a meaningful income. Christy brings a powerful line up to these events to help fine tune each area discussed.
In November we saw:
  • Tiffany Peterson to teach how to do sales in a meaningful way;
  • Rachel Cruz discussing finances;
  • Mari Smith to dive into Facebook;
  • Stephanie Parker describing her experience on Shark Tank and business growth;
  • Cordia Harrington, The Bun Lady, on her journey to creating a bun empire;
  • Jeremy Cowart on how photography can shape lives.
Dave Ramsey even made a guest appearance at November’s event. (Yes, as a massive Dave Ramsey fan I was in the front rows cheering along with all the other ladies. Seeing his support of this movement and hearing his mother’s story charting a path in business was inspiring.)
As Christy launches a 2016 series of Business Boutique, many women are trying to determine if the event is worth the investment. Likely many are Dave Ramsey followers and examining their budget to help determine if they can cover travel expenses. Luckily Christy is bringing the even to different areas around the country. If it is in your region, or if you can cover the travel expenses, this event is worth every penny!
My attendance in November was part business savings and part birthday gift. Yes, the event fell over my birthday. When my friend Teresa Snyder Borrenpohl asked if I was interested in joining, I responded with a most definitely. Best birthday experience!
To make the experience even more memorable, Christy Wright even gave me the honor of interviewing her for my podcast!

A behind the scenes snapshot when I got to tell the Business Boutique video team about my experience.

To celebrate this movement and the powerful way it moves business forward, we are featuring 8 women from Christy Wright’s Business Boutique event. These women took the lessons covered and applied them to their business. The results are incredible.


Business Boutique Success Stories

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Becky Brice | The Wet Palette
For those with the gift for art and design, Becky’s story is for you! Skilled and talented artists often finds struggle to turn their artistic passion into a successful business. 10 months into running the Wet Palette, Becky has turned this art party business into a thriving enterprise. It’s growing so fast, she is even hiring contractors to help. Hear how Business Boutique helped Becky reinforce that she was on the right path.


Bria Pittman | From Fluff 2 Fit
Fitness is a daily struggle for all of us. Add a busy work schedule and balancing a full family, and the struggle becomes even more challenging. Bria steps in to help women juggle all of their priorities by guiding them on the journey to better health. See how Business Boutique helped Bria take From Fluff to Fit to the next level.
Maria Morris | Maria Watercolor

When you find an artist whose work makes you do a double take, you take notice. When that same artist also builds a thriving business around it, you double up that interest with admiration. Maria Morris’s stunning Bible verse paintings and portraits are thriving since Business Boutique. Check out what she took away from the event.

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Amber Jones | Minnie’s Travel Boutique
Joann Burnside
Julie Majkowski
Stephanie Risinger | Holistic Fertility and Wellness Podcast
Beth Runkel | Empire Interiors
Check out what Christy Wright has on tap for the 2016 round of Business Boutique series. Enter in PROMO CODE: BBPOSITIVE to save $10 on either the Dallas or Phoenix event. {We are working with the stellar Dave Ramsey team to get that code live asap! If it’s not working at the moment, let us know}