Business Boutique Success Stories: The Wet Palette

Surprisingly, my degree is in graphic design. This degree is part of the overall art school, which gave me the incredible opportunity to explore an entire range of different art mediums. From painting to photography to ceramics, I enjoy all the different art disciplines.
This means I understand the unique challenges of creating profitable art based business. They have the term “starving artist” for a reason.
Turning that pure brilliant art talent into profit has unique obstacles in today’s world. I don’t know how many times artists (and graphic designers) are asked to do work for free. Sadly it’s an easy space to take for granted.


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This is why Becky Brice’s The Wet Palette success is so inspiring. She has successfully melded all her talents together to create an unparalleled mobile paint party experience in the Tri-Cities area. This mobile party blends art instruction with a social environment for a masterpiece evening.
Check out the Wet Palette here.
Here is what Becky had to say about the event:


How did Business Boutique help you in your business?

Even though I have operated a handful of businesses in the past I had only been in business with The Wet Palette for 10 months. Business Boutique was a great reinforcement that I was on the right track as well as a reminder/guide of what plan and systems I needed to put in place to make my business sustainable beyond me.
It was also a great inspiration to meet so many other like-minded women. The brainstorms I had with random women I met in line or on breaks or at my hotel afterward have been invaluable.

How has your business grown since Business Boutique?

My business has exploded! My hours working in and on the business have lessened. I am hiring independent contractors to keep up with demand to teach and prep.
In November at Business Boutique I made the goal to hit a monthly gross revenue of $10k by February. Until then my largest month was $7k. Surprisingly that happened must faster. Dec was a $12k+ month. So far, half way into Feb, this month, I have even surpassed the $12K mark and am forecasting $13-14k for Feb.
It is amazing what goals, vision and a plan can do.

Advice to Others Attending

Come with a goal for what you want to get out of it. Focus in on the key elements of your business you want to grow and keep that in mind as you are choosing your breakout sessions.
Also don’t be hesitant to trust your gut and switch to a different session then you originally registered for. For example, after hearing Mari Smith do her keynote; I knew I wanted to also go to her break out session even though I was registered for something else. So I went to hear Mari again. It was one of the best decisions I made.
I thought I was going great in Facebook marketing and didn’t need the extra help. I learned so many tidbits and tips that I have now implemented and have seen my Facebook, website traffic and business explode!

Most Influential Session

Mari Smith’s session on Facebook. This smallest explanation of how to find certain features on Facebook and how to really target my marketing ads have been instrumental in the growth I have experienced in the past few months.

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Now, here are some great photos from Becky’s mobile parties: