Business Boutique Success Stories: Maria Watercolor

Every once in awhile there is an artist whose work stops me in my tracks. Maria Morris from Maria Watercolors happens to be one of those artists. I’m lucky to be in several different Facebook groups with her and consistently see the new pieces she creates.
As I mentioned while featuring Becky Brice, another fantastic Business Boutique artist, I completely understand the challenges of creating a successful business as an artist.

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Maria brilliantly combined stunning work with a fantastic niche in the marketplace – Biblical inspiration for Christians. Additionally, she also creates gorgeous portraits.
With a few tips and suggestions from Business Boutique, she has tripled her business. Sounds like moving business forward to me! Check out the details:



Maria Morris- Maria Watercolor 2

How did Business Boutique help you in your business?

Being inspired by other motivated women entrepreneurs was contagious.  I started habits that I still do daily that have changed the course of my business.

How has your business grown since Business Boutique?

I have tripled my revenue for my Etsy shop since the event. I’m creating a product (Bible Page Prints) I’m passionate about and that people love.

What would you say to other women about attending?

That it is well worth the time and money investment. It’s not just information, it’s inspiration and making like-minded friends.

What speaker helped you the most?

Tiffany Petersen was my favorite because she is a great example of a successful woman and she teaches not only growth in business but in our personal life.

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Here are some photos of Maria’s work:
Maria Morris- Maria Watercolor

This portrait is for Stephanie Parker (one of the Business Boutique speakers).

Maria Morris- Maria Watercolor 4 Maria Morris- Maria Watercolor 3