Business Boutique Success Stories: Joann Burnside

Often times the most important thing we can do is start. Let’s point out that starting is 100 times easier said than done. To make things even harder, sometimes we need to pause on one direction and pivot to another. Podcasts, books and even speakers elude to this frequently. It sounds so simple. Go. Start. Pivot.
From personal experience, it’s not. At all. In fact, pivoting can be gut wrenching. Same for launching a new business. I think pausing an existing business and launching a new one is basically a double punch.
Yikes! Hard as it is, sometimes it just needs to be done.
For Joann Burnside, Business Boutique gave her the momentum and direction do exactly that, pause an existing business and launch into a new and exiting endeavor. She is now in an exciting place and has the support to continue going.
Check out how this inspirational event helped her in tremendous ways.

How did Business Boutique help you in your business?

Business Boutique helped me focus my thoughts and understand branding

How has your business grown since Business Boutique?

I have a new business!!!   I am phasing out what I had been doing and following the dream.

What would you say to other women about attending?

Go!  Be open to the Lord’s leading.  Be sure to talk to the other women attending.

What session / speaker helped you the most & why?

Jeremy Cowart. God used him mightily to speak into my life and business. {Check out Jeremy’s compelling presentation from the event!}

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For tactical steps you can take today,listen in to Christy Wright’s game changing podcast episode here.