Business Boutique Success Stories: From Fluff 2 Fit

Fitness is a daily struggle. Waking up early to hit the gym or swinging by that yoga class after work isn’t a walk in a park. Even walking in the park strains a time schedule. Yet, our health is one of our most valuable assets. Time and health are two things you can never value enough.
Bria Pittman of From Fluff to Fit realizes a key challenge in women. Many times we work to make sure everyone else in our lives are cared for, yet overlook our own needs. When it comes to our health that is a dangerous oversight.
A compelling story can be a competitive edge for any business, and Bria has a phenomenal story of drastic weight loss, emotional recovery and self-discovery. The key is learning how to show this story that empowers women to start their journey to recovery.
And that’s where Business Boutique comes in.
Here is how Bria is leveraging Business Boutique to grow From Fluff to Fit exponentially:



How did Business Boutique help your business?

Business Boutique motivated me to lay a solid foundation for my business and get started.

How has your business grown since Business Boutique?

When I went to Business Boutique I had literally started my business a couple of weeks before the conference. I only had one client at the time. Since Business Boutique I have grown my email list by 100 subscribers, grown my Facebook Fan Page, and worked with 6 more clients.

What would you say to other women about attending?

This event will be one of many catalyst events in your entrepreneurial journey. Soak up all you can from the event and then TAKE ACTION.

What session helped you the most & why?

Tiffany Peterson’s “Redefining Selling” Session. For too long sales has seemed like a dirty word to me. I didn’t ever want to come off as the pushy sales person. However, Tiffany’s session on selling helped me re-frame how I think about the sales process in my own business. Selling is not about me, it is about the benefit and result I can provide to my customer.  


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For tactical steps you can take today,listen in to Christy Wright’s game changing podcast episode here.