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We’re massive gear junkies! In fact, we have a whole closet in our tiny two-bedroom apartment dedicate to just that – gear. From our Osprey Backpacks to Mountain Hardwear tent to our North Face rain jackets, we want to know that when we head out on our adventures that our gear is going to get the job done. is a great one stop shop for all your favorite gear.


One thing you won’t find in that closet – my Chacos.


In short, I’m OBSESSED with my Chacos. Unless I have to do the “adult” thing and wear heels (man being a woman can be rough sometimes), I’m sporting one of my three pairs of Chacos.


Nathan is a slow adopter, but moving to California finally encouraged him to join in the fun.


Now that I’ve formally professed my immense love of Chacos, here are the items we can’t live without:


North Face Lightweight Tent with our two Thermarest Sleeping Pads


I’ve had this North Face Rain jacket for almost 7 years! I invested in a new one recently, but this one will still be my backpacking one.





Our GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Camper Cookset and STOVE



Not going to lie, I have no idea what brand the hammock is. Either way, our hammock is our favorite luxury item on the trail. We’d recommend a lightweight like the parachute ones. That was the breeze doesn’t sneak in and give you the chills. Would make sleeping in them easier!