Creating a Strong Platform for Growth

We are living through an evolution in the business world. Mission-driven entrepreneurs around the world are charting out new courses, redefining how the world sees business. Rather than pitting the business world against different causes, these changemakers leverage the power of business to do tremendous good in the world. Solely by existing, your business is creating a tremendous impact. Positive Impact is here to help amplify that mission, helping dedicated social entrepreneurs carve out a platform in a noisy digital world.


It’s about more than business. It’s about leveraging the power of business to make an impact. 


After connecting with countless social entrepreneurs around the globe, we discovered a common theme. In pursuit of growing their impact and strengthening their business foundation, mission-driven businesses were under utilizing their story as a way to connect customers to their why. Particularly for growing social enterprises, focusing on the marketing efforts falls to the wayside. Many times as the impact and business model evolves, the branding no longer matches the current mission.


Partnering with a company who understands your why. 


Mission-driven companies needed a partner who understood their “why.” It’s not just another transaction. When your business sells a product, books a tour or offers a service, it is fueling a much bigger mission. Positive Impact helps you bridge the gap between your current marketing efforts and the place where customers chose you because they are connected to the bigger mission.


Learn how Positive Impact can help you make that leap. 


Impact Stories: Positive Impact Podcast

This is where all the magic started, with the Positive Impact Podcast. Documenting changemakers stories from all the globe, the show dove into how mission-driven organizations were charting their course forward and addressing systemic issues, environmental causes and working to empower vulnerable populations. One week the show dives into a responsible tourism in San Diego capturing the hearts of students through eco-friendly tours, while the next week it ventures to Rwanda to hear how an organization is working to change perception and invite tourists from around the world to experience the vibrant culture and scenic beauty the country holds.


At its core, The Positive Impact Podcast works to elevates the work of movers, shakers, changemakers and dreamers who are creating a positive impact in the world. By highlighting their story, we aim to connect them to individuals like yourself who are looking for deeper meaning and want to better understand potential solutions to complex issues facing society today.


This effort has evolved, growing into a complete storytelling platform. Combining both audio and written content, the platform still works to elevate the stories of those championing change.




Social Impact Enthusiast & Marketing Extraordinaire

15_RDM_HEADSHOTS-70Eager to help businesses chart new paths forward, dying to talk about missions and an exceptionally geeky marketer, Alexandra Black-Paulick is dedicated to giving mission-driven businesses the tools to build their stories, embed their why into their enterprise and connect with customers eager to become lifelong advocates.


She first got her start into the heart centered space through working in several nonprofits. Soon hearing the call of the marketing world, she opened her own marketing services company. Always being drawn back to mission-driven organizations, she hosted the Positive Impact Podcast as a way to amplify their stories. Today, she has made doing this her full pursuits.


A travel enthusiast, her well-worn passport has traversed multiple continents on the hunt for social enterprises or tourism companies championing responsible tourism. Recently she just retired her life at the beach in favor of the snow capped mountains, charting a new path forward from gorgeous Denver, Colorado. When not crafting marketing strategies or captivating audiences with tales of her travels, she can most likely be found in the mountains.


Positive Impact Dedicated to Sustainability

In addition to striving to move forward many different socially responsible impact areas, at Positive Impact we are extremely committed to reducing our environmental impact. From working at a sustainable office space to pursuing responsible modes of transportation to reducing waste, we are committed to championing efforts that ensure future generations are able to enjoy the incredible resources and outdoors that previous generations have.