Mission & Vision

The Positive Impact Podcast works to elevates the work of movers, shakers, change makers and dreams who are creating a positive impact in the world. By highlighting their story, we aim to connect them to individuals like yourself who are looking for deeper meaning and want to better understand potential solutions to complex issues facing society today.
This show will evolve over time, pursuing topics that inspire our listeners and digging into things that pique your interest. Our ultimate vision is to have this be your go to resource to learn, be inspired and empowered to create a positive impact in your life.

The Podcast

Every Wednesday we will introduce you to a mover and shaker. These main episodes will be between 40-50 minutes, really digging into the topic, their work and the current landscape of the issue. On Friday we will bring that topic to life through connecting with someone with boots on the ground as they recount stories from the field. These shorter episodes will span between 8-15 minutes.
This show is unique in the fact that it doesn’t narrow in on one specific topic. Instead, we will let the topics guide us. There are so many different and complex issues out there. Luckily, there are countless individuals with boots on the ground working to address them. So far, we believe our podcast topics will fall into three main categories:
  • Environmental
  • Social Issues
  • Conscious Capitalism & Social Entrepreneurship
Subcategories will develop as we progress. We will also dive into supplementary topics on our blog, including personal development, business and leadership.


About Me

15_RDM_HEADSHOTS-70Hello! My name is Alexandra Black-Paulick.
I came up with the idea for the show after being inspired by the realm of Social Entrepreneurs. A business junkie at heart, I captivated by turning the capitalistic engine to drive good. With a marketing background I decided to leverage my skills to help redefine the way we see business, realizing the incredible potential it can have to drive a positive impact.
What’s exciting is that these endeavors aren’t limited to your traditional entrepreneur. A new movement, the intrapreneur is gaining traction! I’m diving into that space too, although sometimes they can be hard to find.
So I’m on a mission to discover different ways and opportunities every day individuals can make a positive impact in their lives and in the lives of others.
When I’m not working into the wee hours of the evening, I’m adventuring in the outdoors with my husband Nathan. Currently we are planning an excursion to Thailand! More on that as we go. Other excisions include backpacking the Zion Narrows and a long weekend in the Grand Canyon. One big goal is to backpack Glacier National Park. Unfortunately snow has derailed past attempts. It’s going to happen, someday.
I also try to work in a girls weekend with friends from around the country every year. So far this has taken me to Chicago, Nashville and South Dakota. (I even snuck in a few podcast episodes while I was on those trips!). Currently trying to encourage friends to meet me while in Thailand.