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A World Where Business Empowers

Social Entrepreneurs. Intrapreneurs. Changemakers. We tell their stories.

There are countless avenues that you can use to define your social enterprise.

In fact, there is room for socially minded business in every industry.
Explore the changemakers redefining these industries:

Environment & Sustainability

The enterprise of saving the world, reducing waste and preserving resources for a bright future.

Responsible Products

From clothing to snacks, these entrepreneurs have the right idea in product development.

Empowering Women

Companies designed to empower, educate and elevate women (and girls!) around the world.

Responsible Travel

When you're eager to trek across the globe, these countries help you define a trip worthy of remembering.

Developing Countries

Dedicated entrepreneurs take their efforts abroad, helping under served and rural communities.


While a powerful tool, business can't tackle every social issue. That's where key nonprofits come in to make an impact.